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How To Apply Your Perfume

Buying perfume oil and transitioning from spray perfume is the first step, but one of the popular question we often get is "How and where to apply your perfume oil?".  Our roller bottles are designed to let you apply to your pulse points on your body with precision and accuracy.   Those pulse points outlined below will allow your perfume oil to last longer throughout the day.  Of course, there are more creative ways of wearing perfume oils, but we will leave that for you to trial it out:)

Our perfume oil bottles are compact in size, you can carry them anywhere and apply them with discretion.  Our perfume oils get stronger when they are warmed by your skin temperature and your movements. 

Application steps and pulse points

The following are the recommended pulse points. For maximum effect and longevity, have a nice warm shower before application.

  • Wrists: The classic spot. This is a good spot as your arms are always moving and projects the fragrance as you move with your arms
  • Behind Ears / Neck: Another popular choice, behind the ears allows the oil to create a sense of diffusion when you’re on the move
  • Collar Bones: A great spot, perfect point of seduction and creating a sense of intimacy.
  • Inner Elbows: Inner elbow are one of the most hydrated patch of skin, this is perfect for perfume oils to prolong its fragrance through out the day. It is also a good spot if you are often washing your hands.
  • Behind Knees: The skin at the back of our knee are warmer and softer and perfume oils are more likely to be absorbed to project the scent. This also allows the scent to rise throughout the day. It is a perfect spot during summer, discharging your scents across when ever there are leg movements.
After choosing the above pulse points, remove the cap from our perfume oil bottle, invert it, and gently rub it back and forth on your skin.